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Tag: docker

Error CrushLoopBackOff to start k8s Dashboard

I try to install dashboard to clear private k8s cluster (without internet connection). I did according to this instruction When start apply recomended.yaml: metrics scrapper start successfully, but dashboard show error CrashLoopBackOff permanently. Docker Version: 19.03.6 K8s version: 1.23.4 Containers status: Containers log: Worker-node logs from /var/log/syslog: Answer By default, the dashboard container is installed on the worker node.

System.Drawing High memory usage on Linux

Is there any way to diagnose Unmanaged memory leak ? I am using .NET 5.0 Console App with NETCode (barcode) library. The program it self is simple it calls barcode library & creates a base64string from Image 5000 times, I am using ‘using blocks’ therefore disposing is also being handled. On windows this program consumes 15-25 MB (doesn’t go above

CMake Lib in Linux Docker missing dependencies

I use CMake to create the DLL and SO file from my own C++ library, which I then call in my C# code via DLLImport. This has worked so far under Windows and under Linux (Docker). Now the library has been extended, which continues to work on Windows with the DLL. However, under Linux I now get the following error

Using Docker with Python Poetry?

I’ve been using Docker with pipenv for my data science deployment setup and now I want to change to Poetry. My Dockerfile is: My pyproject.toml: This is based on other Dockerfiles that I found on StackOverflow. I run into the following problem: So this looks like the Poetry is not used, where Jupyter is installed, and therefore it cannot be

ibmcom/db2 docker image fails on m1

I’m having trouble setting up DB2 on macOS via Docker on my M1-Max MacBook Pro (32 GB RAM). I already had a look at this question, which might be related, however there is not a lot of information and I cannot exactly say, if it is about the exact same thing. I set up following docker-compose.yml: version: ‘3.8’ services: db2:

Can’t install bash in multiarch build on Alpine

I am trying to build image for linux/arm64/v8 on linux/amd64 Gitlab runner. I run it with this command: My Dockerfile is fairly simple: But it fails with: It’s Gitlab runner version 13.4.1 and Docker executor docker:stable. What can I do about this issue? Answer There were three problems with my approach: I needed to install buildx extension I had to

Getting curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format

My bash code is simply this. I am trying to learn docker but also a newbie with bash scripting. I type in something simple like for the read command but it gives me curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? docker exec -it missingDependencies sh -c “echo ‘Input Website:’; read

How to install uidmap package for docker rootless

I am using photonos and it is required that you install uidmap to run docker in rootless mode. Find it strange photonos dosent have this package. is there a reason for this? is photon os secure enough not to require this? If not and it is advised to use docker in rootless mode how do i install uidmap? Thank you