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Tag: java

Gradle JVM version doesn’t match the used JDK version

In the screenshot below, you can see what I am using the 11.0.11 JDK version but my Gradle uses the 1.8.0_282 JVM version. And it’s not a problem because for set the Java version in a project using Gradle Toolchain. I’m not sure but it looks strange. Is it worth worrying about and can I specify a specific JVM version

Selenium driver throws error on Ubuntu 18.04

I am porting my code over from Windows to Ubuntu, I went ahead and installed java, and all the drivers, and built my jar file. While executing it, I am getting this error. I downloaded the Linux 64bit Chrome Driver for this. The error seems to be starting from my jars main class line 17, which is this line. Here

install opencv on centos for java

I’m trying to install opencv on my centos 8 server to be used by java program. I followed the instructions here. after configuring opencv, I get the following result: I have already installed java on my server (by using sudo dnf install java-11-openjdk-devel, but I have not installed ant). in order to make opencv ready to be used by java,

UnsatisfiedLinkError on System.loadLibrary() after adding the directory to java.library.path

I would like to load the local library /opt/gurobi902/linux64/lib/ within my Java IntelliJ Maven project on Ubuntu 19.10. My first attempt was adding the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH like this: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/opt/gurobi902/linux64/lib” (I know I have completly overwritten it instead of appending to it, because it was not set at all previously.) I thought it worked, because when I run the

OpenCV with Python and Java support using cmake command line

I am trying to install latest OpenCV from here: on my Ubuntu 20.04. I need python and java support. I have installed a lot of per-requisites and used this cmake command to configure the build using the command line: The output was this: I see that cmake finds my python 2 and python 3 versions, finds also my java

Deploying jar to unix server

Currently, in order to deploy my program to my ubuntu server, I have to do the following steps. 1. Compile the code using Gradle 2. Using FileZilla to move the jar to my server. 3. Connect to my server and find the process to kill it 4. restart the program. I am curious if there are any alternatives to this

Not able to convert the csv to HTML in Jmeter

I am running load test on one of my sftp server application using jmeter. I run my jmx script as below Script does have Simple Data Writer which creates csv file with result, which i convert into html using below command running on cmd from bin folder of jmeter. It was working couple of days back and now if i